Fani Hatjina

Fani Hatjina,

Department of Apiculture- Institute of Animal Science- ELGO ‘DIMITRA’ 

Fani Hatjina is a biologist with a PhD on Pollination. She graduated from Aristotle University of Thessaloniki and undertook her Diploma and PhD studies in University of Wales College of Cardiff. Her PhD studies on pollination behaviour of honey bees. She has been working as a researcher in Department of Apiculture of ELGO ‘DIMITRA’ since 2000 and now she is the Director of the Institute of Animal Science and Department of Apiculture. She is a Council member of International Bee Research Association ( I.B.R.A) and Coordinator of the APIMONDIA Working group on “Adverse effects of pesticides and veterinary medicines on bees”. Dr. Hatjina is also a collaborating expert with European Food Safety Authority (EFSA) and Greenpeace.  In 2019 she was elected as President of the Scientific Commission of APIMONDIA for Bee Health and continue serves this Commission till today.

Main research interests are: Breeding for resistance to Varroa, conservation of local breeds, effects of pesticides on bee’s behaviour and physiology, biological control of diseases, climate change and adaptation of bee populations. She has more than 60 published research articles, over 130 presentations in conferences and as many popular articles. She is the Scientific Coordinator of 8 research Greek and Europeans research projects.  Apart from running research projects she also gives lectures to beekeepers and she is promoting organic beekeeping and Apitourism in the world! She is the writer of the children’s book ” Honeywing the Bee” and a mother of 3 daughters. She loves traditional dancing and singing!