Prof. Norberto Luis GARCIA


Rawson 132 – (8160) Tornquist (Bs. As.) – ARGENTINA

Prof. García has worked intensely during the recent years creating awareness on the problem of honey fraud through many presentations in international meetings, interviews, and publications in specialized journals.

He is professor of Apiculture at the Universidad Nacional del Sur in Bahía Blanca (Argentina) and Senior Advisor of NEXCO S.A., the main Argentine honey exporter.

At APIMONDIA, the International Federation of Beekeepers’ Associations, he presides the Scientific Commission on Beekeeping Economy, and chairs the Working Group on Adulteration of Bee Products, in charge of the preparation and updating of the “APIMONDIA Statement on Honey Fraud”.

Since 2018, he is the chairman of the United States Pharmacopeia’s Panel of Experts on Honey Quality and Authenticity.